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Hospital Income

This is an ideal supplement plan for State of Florida Employees who choose an HMO as their primary plan and also for employees using both preferred and non-preferred providers to help offset the out-of-pocket expenses when confined to a hospital. With this plan, benefits are paid directly to the Employee, never the HMO or hospital unless the employee chooses otherwise.

For the lowest premium available to State employees, you receive $100.00 or $200.00 for each night of room and board charges made by the hospital. Additionally, if you enroll in the $100.00 per day benefit with the Expanded Coverage Rider (ECR), you will receive an additional $200.00 per night of room and board charges for the 4th through the 10th night of your inpatient hospital stay (the ECR has a maximum $1,400.00 benefit per illness or injury unless 90 days separate hospital stays for same or related cause).  This plan will pay a $100.00 benefit for any outpatient procedure when you are administered anesthesia and required to stay in a recovery room.

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