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The need for accident insurance.

On average there are 13 unintentional-injury deaths and about 2,650 disabling injuries every hour during the year.  In 2003, about 1 out of 12 people sought medical attention for an injury.  Hopefully, you have major medical insurance, auto insurance or home owner’s insurance to help pay some of the medical costs should you require treatment or hospitalization for an injury. But did you know that many expenses associated with the treatment of injuries are non-medical and may not be covered under your major medical policy?


State Securities’ Supplemental Accident Policy includes benefits that can help pay for the non-medical expenses associated with the treatment of injuries sustained from an accident. Benefits are paid directly to the insured, unless they are assigned, and are paid in addition to any other insurance you may have for covered treatment. We also offer a supplemental hospital income policy with benefits for hospitalization due to any covered illness or injury. You can apply for individual or family coverage. 

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